Are you looking for customized cell extracts?Do you have a specific cell line to produce in larger quantity?Do you need quickly a determined quantity of your Igg for research/production purpose?

For several years, Ipracell has specialized in the production of biological products (cells pellets, cell extracts, proteins, …) based on your cell line and/or your preparation protocols.

Our automated production techniques using the perfusion guarantee you the best quality and an uncommon reproducibility.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project.

Igg for Diagnostic

From 1 mg to several 100g productionof >90% purified Monoclonal Antibodies

Cells Pellets

From g to kg of cell pellets for your research application.

Igg for Therapeutic Research

From mg to several 100g of Igg produced in GLP for validation and pre-clinical studies