K562 Cell Pellets


Our cells pellets are produced from cells harvest in exponential phase.

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K562 cell
The continuous cell line K-562 was established by Lozzio and Lozzio from the pleural effusion of a 53-year-old female with chronic myelogenous leukemia in terminal blast crises.
The cell population has been characterized as highly undifferentiated and of the granulocytic series.
Studies conducted by Anderson, et al., on the surface membrane properties led to the conclusion that the K-562 was a human erythroleukemia line. The K-562 cell line has attained widespread use as a highly sensitive in vitro target for the natural killer assay.
See Pross, et al. for a detailed analysis of the in vitro assay of NK cells including the mathematics of quantitation of NK cell activity.
K-562 blasts are multipotential, hematopoietic malignant cells that spontaneously differentiate into recognizable progenitors of the erythrocytic, granulocytic and monocytic series.
The effect of inducers on sublines derived from the original K-562 cell line have been reviewed by Koeffler and Golde. Cultures from the ATCC stock have been shown to exhibit this sensitivity for assessing human natural killer activity.
Karyological studies on various K-562 sublines have been classified into three groups (A,B,C) by Dimery, et al.
The strain obtained by the ATCC most closely resembles the B population. Occurrence of the Philadelphia chromosome, however, was of much lower frequency; none detected in 15 metaphases examined.

K562 cells Production
K562 cells are grown in sonoperfused fedbatch (cytostat) mode at a constant concentration of 5×106 cells/ml (cell viability: 93%-99%) under GLP conditions in our facility in Mons, Belgium. Cells are harvested in exponential phase.

Cell pellets are prepared by low speed centrifugation, rinsed with phosphate buffer saline, snap frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -85°C.

The cell pellets are not prepared in aseptic conditions and are not intended to be used as seed for a new culture.

Research Use Only
Our K562 cell pellets are used by research or production entities worldwide for the study of biochemical processing, high throughput screening or purification of biological material from human origin. For published papers reporting the use of our extract, please check out our references list

Quality Control
Cultures are screened for the presence of bacteries, yeast, fungi and mycoplasma (DNA amplification). Sera used in the culture medium are CE certified from South American origin.

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